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Residential Re-wires

Jaycox Industries has extensive experience removing and de-energizing knob and tube wiring from homes in Victoria BC.

Knob and Tube Removal

Jaycox Industries has extensive experience removing and de-energizing knob and tube wiring from homes in Victoria BC.  We will de-energize the knob and tube wires and remove them where feasible.  The lights and devices that were formerly powered by the old wiring are then re-supplied by new wires that are pulled through the walls, attic space, and basement.  In some places small holes are cut in the wall to facilitate the installation of the new conductors.  We are practiced at installing device boxes in lath and plaster walls to reduce the need to repair plaster.  When the job is complete and we are satisfied that the old wiring is no longer energized we provide you with a letter declaring the work is done and a copy of the permit to submit to the insurance company.  

Knob and tube wiring was installed in homes until the 1940's by my estimate.  After this there were other types of cable that were used in residential construction as cables and wiring techniques evolved to what is common trade practice today.  As homes that had knob and tube wiring installed originally were updated and renovated over the years, the wiring materials current to that period were added to the house.  In Victoria we have a wealth of established neighbourhoods with old homes and it is common to see several types of wiring material used and often connected together.  For instance, a house may have an original knob and tube lighting circuit thought the ceiling in the living rooms and bedrooms that is being fed from the circuit breaker panel by a cloth-wrap sheath cable, while the kitchen is fed entirely by modern non-metallic sheath cable.  For this reason it difficult to assess the existence and extent of knob and tube wiring without completing a thorough survey. 

Knob and Tube wiring is a system of wiring where the two conductors supplying power to a fixture or device are run separate from one another as opposed to in the same cable assembly which is the modern practice.  The knob and tube conductors are kept far away from each other, often as far as the distance between joists, and supported on insulated 'knobs' that are fastened to the studs and joists using nails.  Where the wires go through a stud or joist a hole is drilled and a ceramic tube is installed for the wire to be run through.  Where the wires terminate onto the light or switch, often there is no device box for this connection to be made in.  The longevity of this system of wiring- still active in some homes after nearly a century of use- speaks to its robustness;  in the whole though, this system is not safe when compared to modern practices and this is reflected in the current reluctance of insurance agencies to underwrite insurance on homes with active knob and tube wiring.

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