Guest Post by Tristan Rorke of WeTest, Victoria BC

Why is it important to have your home tested for asbestos when having electrical work done?

Our homes require maintenance the older they get, sometimes we get work done which requires some intrusive methods to access certain problem areas.

Constantly in homes pre 1990 we see asbestos used throughout, and because of the work involved, workers and homeowners can be at risk of exposure.

Without the knowledge of asbestos in these building materials, it can cause an unknown threat to the workers’ health and our own.  It is important to test our homes to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

All too often we see asbestos in building materials that people don’t expect either.  With asbestos we want to avoid any exposure to it as we can, the more times we are exposed, the higher our chances are at developing one of the fatal diseases caused by asbestos.

With electrical work being done there are some main areas of concern related to asbestos, those are:  electrical panels, wiring insulation and asbestos cloth sometimes used to wrap the wires.

Another area where we could have issues is when holes need to be bored through walls and ceilings, which open up a greater number of building materials that could contain asbestos.

What should our first step be, then? We should get a professional to come in and test anything that could be affected during any work done on our home.

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