As energy costs have increased and the costs of technology have decreased automating your home has become viable option for our homes.  A system that I have been installing for my clients for ease of use and to save energy is the Lutron Caseta Wireless system.  This system consists of wireless dimmer switches, wireless receptacles, small remote controls, and ‘Smart Bridge’ which acts as a router and processor to connect these components together and to the home network, and an app for your Android device or I-phone.

Caseta Wireless is designed primarily to control lights and groups of lights that are often used together.  You can change light levels by time of day, turn on and off lights from your phone, as well as turn on and off receptacles, and through a ‘geo-fence’ to turn the lights on as you approach your house.

There are limitations with Caseta Wireless: one is that is it just for lights- Lutron doesn’t have thermostats available although there are thermostats from other manufacturers that are compatible such as the Nest thermostat; also, this system doesn’t scale up very well, being best suited for the thing it was designed to do –control home lighting; and being wireless it doesn’t have the robustness of a hard wired home automation system.

All that said, for the cost, for the ease of set up and for the downright high utility of this system, it is a great introduction to home automation.

Although I get my components from my favourite electrical wholesaler, I know that this system is also available at Home Depot, which means that it is available to everyone, and you aren’t paying exorbitant markups on proprietary systems sold to you by the electrical contractor installing them

Just as I would recommend for all electrical equipment, I recommend having a trusted Victoria BC electrician install these for you.  Contact us for more information about our services.