Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades can save money. Upgrading old lighting fixtures with new energy efficient lighting helps reduce energy consumption. Lowering energy consumption by upgrading the lighting in commercial buildings, offices and spaces can have a tremendous impact on reducing the fixed costs your business faces.

Electrical Construction

Electrical work needs to be done to code specifications. Jaycox Electric is certified and experienced in installing, assembling, testing, maintaining, and operating electrical systems and equipment for commercial projects.

It’s important to have an electrician who can read architectural designs and can meet electrical regulations to keep your project on track. Jaycox Electric has the tools, knowledge and experience to make your commercial electrical work simple and cost efficient.

Commercial Panel Upgrades

Whether you’re upgrading an old building or your building is new, having the right power to support your electrical needs is important. Jaycox Electric has the knowledge and tools to help you get the most out of your commercial space’s electrical consumption.

We work on commercial panel upgrades for offices, tenant suites, small facilities and more in Victoria BC.