Jaycox Electric


Some of the most important questions are the ones that are hardest to ask.  Here are the answers to some questions that should be asked of every contractor that works on your home or office:

Are you a licenced electrical contractor?

Jaycox Industries Ltd is a licenced electrical contractor with the BC Safety Authority and is authorized to pull permits and do electrical work.  Our contractor number is #0203817.

Is Jaycox Industries an insured Victoria electrical contractor?

You bet I have insurance.  Jaycox Industries carries liability insurance as well as a bond.

Do you have Worksafe BC coverage for yourself and your workers?

Jaycox Industries ltd has Work Safe coverage.  This covers all of our employees and subcontractors.   Our Worksafe BC number is # 208838

Do you have references?

On my website I have testimonials from real people who I have done work for.  I also provide project photos in the gallery section of my website.  If you would like to speak to some customers that I have done work for I would be more than happy to arrange that.

What are your specialties?

I focus on renovations, additions, and knob and tube houses because these areas require a high degree of skill and experience which fits the current composition of my company.  I also install service upgrades and do service calls for small jobs.

Who will be performing the work?

I personally perform the work on every job.

What warranties and guarantees will you honor?

I warranty all my work for one year.